Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo

at the National Western Complex
4655 Humbolt

Febuary 21, 2015
e-mail or Mail Only to: R.M.R.E 14615 Umpire St.., Brighton, CO 80603
More information is available on our web site
or call Lynn@ 720-685-9557 fax: 303-659-0489
All vendors must read and complete this form.
Company Name:__________________________________ Contact Name:__________________________
Address: _________________________________________City, State Zip: _________________________
Phone:______________________________ Fax:_________________________________
e-mail:________________________________ Web Site:_______________________________
we sell____________________________________________________________________

Vendor Space Options Cost Qty Total

Standard 10'X 10' Booth choice______
( Includes one 8' Table and two Vendor Badge)
After 2-5-15 cost is $120



Corner booth – 10'X10' ( Includes two 8' Table & two Vendor Badge ). Booth choice________ After 2-5-15 cost is $195

Table cloths (pick up at back door)
Electricity ( 1 per vendor ) Included.
Extra Tables (back tables) ($20 at Show)
Extra Vendor Badges

Payment Options
Must be paid in Full by 2-20-15
The following payment options are the only ways show management can guarantee your vendor space.
(___) I would like to pay in full $_________ with a check. Write check out to Rocky Mt Reptile Expo
(___) I will be sending my payment through pay pal.
(___) Credit Card #_____-______-_______-_____ ____/___ ZIP_______ 3#code_____
Signature X________________________ Print Name on Card _____________________
* Paperwork is mandatory for all vendor space reservations.
* Make a copy of the completed form for your records.
I have read the rules posted on the web site ( and understand them.
I also understand that I must collect and pay sales tax on all items I sell at the show. Sales tax forms are handed out to each vendor at every show. Any vendor not returning the sales tax envelope will be assumed to be self reporting and will be identified as such on the RMRE sales tax report turned in to the state. Self reporting vendors must have a sales tax license and present a copy to show management.

Sign ___________________________________________________________________.
Thank you, The Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo